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How to request a visit from the Full Circle Singers

If you know someone who is nearing the end of their lives, struggling to live, or struggling to die you can request a visit by email or by Facebook messaging. Someone will respond to discuss, to gain an understanding of the person and the situation, and plan a time to visit.


What to expect

A small group of 3 to 8 women will visit. We will generally sing for about 20 minutes or so. There is no need to provide anything for us, we bring our own stools and do not require any particular hospitality. It is our privilege to sing.


What does it cost?

There is no charge for the service, however we do accept and appreciate donations, which help with the costs of the organisation, printing, petrol, training, promotion and administration, etc.


How far do you travel?

We visit people in the Whangārei area. At present we have no set boundary. If you live out of town, please still make contact to discuss.


What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

We are able to provide this service wearing masks, as COVID rules apply.


How do I become part of Full Circle Singers?

To join Full Circle Singers you need to be able to sing in tune and hold a part independently. It is also important to be able to sing gently and with sensitivity and be able to blend your voice with the others singing with you. 


We rehearse regularly, practicing the songs we know and always learning new ones. You will be welcome at our rehearsals, to experience the type of singing, and to learn the songs. Please get in touch if you are interested. 

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